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This small Missouri city could cash in on the eclipse. It’s trying hard not to.


Ninety spots have been marked off for tents and small camping vehicles. A $90 nightly fee includes continental breakfast, bottled water and soda, port-a-potties and shower towelettes, along with games for kids and adults.

“For many people, this is going to be their first eclipse, and our goal is to make sure people have a nice place to stay,” said Holland-Davis, who has hired extra staff to help with logistics. “Making money is not the main issue.”

The safety of locals and visitors to the area is an issue, though. Fifteen Perryville police officers are on patrol over the weekend and into Monday. Perry County Sheriff Jason Klaus has 11 of his 15 deputies on duty to keep things running smoothly and respond to any weather-related hiccups, medical emergencies or traffic.

But officers plan on handing out more free eclipse glasses than tickets.

“We’re going to do everything we can not to use any kind of parking enforcement,” Klaus said, though he added: “When it comes time for totality, I hope people don’t just stop in or on the roadway.”

County patrol cars have stashes of extra sun-viewing specs for anyone unprepared, and Klaus is allowing deputies to invite their spouses (but not their kids) to ride along on Monday.

“Even though we have a job to do and that comes first, the eclipse is a neat effect that I want my officers to take advantage of,” he said.


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