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How to look younger: Expert shares outfit element that ‘will melt away fine lines’


There’s no place for self-judgement in 2024 so dispel all of the subconscious ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ dogmas – you have as much right as the next person to whatever makes you feel good – and the elixir of youth really lies in the energy beneath your appearance, so let’s make this year all about dressing for you and give you a glow-up ready for spring. You deserve it!


The single most important element of your outfit, as it makes the biggest initial impression at a distance.

Never under-estimate the transformative power of wearing your ‘wow colours’ once you have established what suits you.

Fine lines will melt away, your eyes will sparkle and your skin will grow… unfortunately it works the other way too – which is why it’s even more important to know which to avoid like the plague.

You cannot beat a good colour analysis expert for inspiration or advice and it would be money very well-invested, paying stylish dividends throughout not only this year, but the rest of your life.

Wear your joy

The physical act of wearing clothes has an instant effect on our mood and our energy, putting a spring in our step and a smile on your face. Youthfulness is as much about attitude as it is appearances, so ‘dress yourself happy’!

Be bold

Whether it’s a striking colour clash (think shocking pink and red or bright green and blue), a touch of neon, a fresh Breton stripe or playful polka dot, get adventurous rather than reaching for the same old basics.

Look to the incredible centenarian Iris Apfel for inspiration – she looks far younger than 102 and it’s because she’s fearless with her wardrobe. Now is the time to get radical and shake things up a bit – see how good you feel!

Try hi-low 

Hi-low dressing is the art of combining something dressy (high) such as a silk blouse, with something casual (low) think trainers or denim. The results are interesting, vibrant, and very contemporary. Try teaming trainers with a pretty dress, or tailored trousers with a funky Tee – play up the contrasts.

Hair, specs and makeup and underwear

Is your hairstyle ageing you? Softer layers are often more forgiving as we get older. What about the colour? I’m all for embracing the grey if it suits you, but I’m also an advocate of dying it shocking pink – just for fun!

Who says we have to be serious and boring, just because we are in mid-life!? If your glasses are old fashioned, switch them up for a funky bold frame with bags of personality, and if you’ve been doing the same makeup for years it’s time you treated yourself to a lesson at your local shop counter.

Finally, what support is your underwear providing, and how does it make you feel? Perhaps now is the time to give it an upgrade.


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